“The first time I saw this approach in action, back in 2014, I was blown away. I immediately put it to use in my classes to push students past the conceptual and theoretical and into how they can create impact and build innovation in the world. Students were more engaged, more enthusiastic and clearer about what they were trying to do. This is the best approach I have ever come across for understanding and designing complex change.”

— Professor, University of Southern California

See Think Solve

A Simple Way to Tackle Tough Problems

The mystery of human behavior shapes almost every problem worth solving. That’s the bad news. But there’s good news too. The mystery of human behavior also helps us see problems in new ways. By paying attention to people, we can discover new aspects of problems that help us solve them more effectively.

From Chapter 9, Social Change: “This book is like a jigsaw puzzle. Over the previous chapters, you’ve learned about eight puzzle pieces: six things to look for to help you understand the problems you’re trying to solve and two things to think about to makes sense of those problems. Now it’s time to assemble the puzzle. The eight pieces fit together in an approach to solving tough problems — specifically, an approach to designing solutions to complex, people-related problems.”

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“See Think Solve is simply a gem. Having devoted my professional life to identifying, understanding and connecting the interdependent variables that enable authentic transformation, this wise and extremely accessible book offers meaningful frames and questions for designing real and enduring social change.”

— Founder Emeritus, Illinois Math & Science Academy

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“With See Think Solve, the guys have articulated and shared a process for pursuing social change that’s both pragmatic and philosophical. Having experienced the process myself, I’ve seen firsthand how this method can drive big breakthroughs among bold people in short amounts of time.”

— Founder, little things laboratory

Unwritten Rules

Organizational Change & Workplace Design

A beautifully designed transcript of 2018 talks delivered in Madrid and Boston, Unwritten Rules is the joint effort of Jeff Leitner and Jan Johnson, an expert in workplace strategy at Allsteel. The book is not for sale, but is available on the authors’ 2019-2020 national speaking tour.

The book begins: “You’re surrounded in every part of your life by invisible forces that shape your behavior. I get that this sounds crazy, like fiction: forces that influence how you behave whenever you’re around other people, how your act and what you say in life’s most important and least consequential moments. But they’re not fantastical or supernatural. In fact, they’re perfectly normal and quite natural. And we’ve known about them for at least 2,500 years.”

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