1 Designed first doctorate in social innovation; University of Southern California

2 Sequenced solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; New America and OECD, link

3 Author, See Think Solve: A Simple Way to Tackle Tough Problemslink

4 Speaker, The Undiscovered Power of Unwritten Rules, TEDx Lake Forest College, link

5 Reconceptualizing U.S. investment in emerging democracies; U.S. Department of State and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

6 Integrating mindfulness into public education; Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education

7 Developed first methodology for altering social norms to effect social change; Innovation Dynamics

8 Expanding the reach and impact of mobile care; Harvard Medical School and Family Van

9 Expanding the number and diversity of venture capital investors; Skin in the Game

10 Integrating empathy training into public education; Ashoka

11 Restoring Congressional support; NASA

12 Leveraging genocide memorials to prevent atrocities; Kigali Genocide Memorial and Aegis Trust

13 Isolating the key to creative collaboration; TED Conferences

14 Safeguarding design in the corporate environment; Starbucks

15 Inaugural innovator in residence; University of Southern California, Suzanne Dworak Peck School of Social Work

16 Improving the standard of living for professional musicians; The GRAMMY Foundation and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation

17 Boosting global juice consumption; Coca-Cola and Play Big

18 Developed first philanthropic think tank; Insight Labs

19 Reconceptualizing the public’s relationship to contemporary art; West Collection

20 Designing a new model for international organizations; U.S. Department of State and Community of Democracies

21 Boosting economic development in Detroit; One D

22 Co-developed first global effort to leverage user experience design to solve social challenges; UX for Good

23 Institutionalizing art therapy in military hospitals; National Endowment for the Arts and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

24 Uncovering unwritten rules to inform workplace strategy; Allsteel

25 Engaging the public in policy debate; Chicago Wonk

26 Structuring group ideation; Exelon

27 Designing a global philanthropic network; The Global Friends

28 Bretton Wood II Fellow; New America

29 Designing the future practice of law; Law 2023

30 Expanding workplace flexibility; Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

31 Isolating the highest use of philanthropic foundations; Boeing

32 Extending the mission of genocide memorialization; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

33 Providing meaningful first employment for disadvantaged youth; Job 1

34 Expanding the reach and impact of the humanities; Illinois Humanities Council and Indiana Humanities Council

35 Isolating the key to entrepreneurial success; University of Illinois Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership

36 Reducing demand for electricity; Illinois Commerce Commission

37 Integrating venture capital and college funding; Illinois Student Assistance Commission

38 Synthesizing interests of millennials and needs of public institutions; Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Foundation

39 Isolating the humanity in design; Cannon Design

40 Designing a more equitable model for taxi advertising; Clear Channel

41 Boosting employment options for art school graduates; School of Visual Arts

42 Inaugural academic roundtable on innovation in social work; University of Southern California

43 Uncovering the essential brand personality; Panera

44 Reconceptualizing live experience in a digital marketplace; Professional Convention Management Association

45 Engaging millennial women; YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago

46 Bringing audience online; Chicago Public Media

47 Integrating entrepreneurial experience and social impact; 10.10.10

48 Isolating the obstacle to meaningful school reform; Academy for Global Citizenship

49 People’s Choice Award; Interaction Design Association

50 Restoring play as critical element in child development; Union League Boys & Girls Clubs

51 Reconceptualizing the relationship to donors; Jewish Child & Family Services

52 Developing the first social work graduate fellowship in innovation; University of Southern California

53 Conceptualizing impact beyond lobbying; Illinois Chamber of Commerce

54 Expanding impact in and for the arts community; League of Chicago Theatres

55 Designing a public forum for business ethics; Executives Breakfast Club

56 Preparing the next generation of civic leaders; Foundations of East Chicago, Indiana

57 Reconceptualizing civic participation; Our Time

58 Re-establishing civic significance; Rotary Club of Chicago

59 Designing the first graduate nursing degree to emphasize both biomedical and social factors; University of Southern California